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PCB design service and turnkey electronic engineering solutions

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PCB Assembly

Board will be assembly locally. Our machines can handle both standard and odd-shaped flexis and boards, from the smallest and thinnest flex-circuit assembly up to the largest boards. We can even handle 25 inch x 25 inch boards which are rare in this region.

    Assembly Services
  • Prototype / NPI Production
  • High-mix, Low-volume Production
  • QFP, QFN, BGA, Fine Pitch Production
  • X-ray inspection
  • Ball Grid Array (BGA) Rework

Vision-equipped surface-mount machines are fast, accurate and can handle a wide range of component placements from the largest PLCCs and QFPs with lead-spacings of 10 mils down to the smallest 0201 chip size.

BGA Rework Stations are capable of removal and mounting of components up to 52mm x 52mm with a pitch of 0.5mm.

Value-added services include X-ray inspection with 3-Dimensional (3D) views and feature recognition of 2 microns and below.